360° Group Leadership Program

Program Overview:

Empowered humans, empower humans, which creates a domino effect of empowerment. Are you a lead domino? EIMS will help you unlock your power of empowerment. Our upcoming fall group leadership program is designed to help you create your best empowered self. Life is created from the inside out. You are more powerful than you think. It’s time to fully release your potential and ignite the wheels of purpose and productivity

Program Outline:

There are three modules to our program:

  1.  Understand Your Purpose: You were created for a purpose. How are you empowering that purpose? In this module, you will gain clarity around the potential that lives within you.
  2. Unlock Your Purpose: What you have done is only a mere fraction of who you are. This module will help you push past your current success and open you up to more of your hidden potential.
  3. Unleash Your Purpose: It’s time to move from merely existing to living life at the fullest expression of yourself. This module will help you tap into your inner greatness and start taking action in your life to be a lead domino of empowerment in all of your experiences.

Unleashing your purpose will help you create your most empowered self. As part of this program, you will:

  • Learn from a certified life skills coach and Personality Dimensions level III trainer how to understand, unlock and unleash your purpose
  • Participate in facilitated group knowledge sharing workshops with other participants 
  • Receive guidance, through assignments and coaching, to help you discover your purpose
  • Provide your feedback throughout the program to identify what’s working and where there are opportunities for improvement

Guest Presenter:

Nicole Salmon – The Purpose Coach. She is a certified life skills coach and a personality dimensions level III trainer. Her reflective coaching techniques, coupled with her one-to-one and group facilitation sessions, has led scores of professionals and organizations alike to a place of lasting success and high-level efficiency. 


September 22, 2021-6:30 pm-7:30 pm
September 18, 2021-10:00 am-

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